Biggin Hill (EGKB / BQH) is the closest private airport to the City of London and therefore also the best for private jets and planes as the paved runway (21) is 1670 meters which allows almost any private jet landing in most conditions. A taxi will take you around 1 hour to Mayfair and 45 minutes to Canary Wharf which is visible from our Fly Lounge on the 1st floor. Helicopters are available to fly into Battersea heliport which takes 6 minutes.



IFR Arrival / Departure

As runway 21 is the preferred runway and the only ILS you will usually be taken all around to the Thames river and radar controlled to the ILS if you are coming from East or South. ALKIN is the final point but you will rarely fly it. Usually they will descent you to 4000 feet first and under 3000 feet radar control terminates. For departures to the East it is not obvious on the AIP that on runway 21 you turn right and cross overhead the runway, remember the Gatwick airspace is very close. In case of runway 03 is in use then you will descent on the ILS 21 and circle.


VFR Arrival / Departure

Note maximum VFR altitude is 2500 and over is class A airspace which is a pretty good idea not to bust. To be safe fly 2400 or less. Circuit height is 1600 feet QNH. Preferred runway is 21.

Arrival from East. Report over Swanley (ALKIN) or Sevenoaks VRP. Descent to 1600 feet QNH. Standard procedure is to cross overhead the 03 threshold and join downwind right hand for 21 or you can ask for a commercial approach straight into left base 21.

Arrival from West. You will report Kenley. Best is to fly south of Kenley as it is a glider site but quite easy to see. But look out for the gliders and do not cross overhead. Descent to 1600 feet and join downwind 21 right hand abeam 03 threshold for runway 21. For runway 03 you will normally be allowed straight into base 03 or ask to circle.

Departures. Runway 21 for west is right turn 1 mile out and fly south of Kenley. For East 2 miles and and left turn. For runway 03 it is 1 mile turn both directions. Avoid overflying any build up areas.


Taxi instructions

Runway 21 is preferred runway. Short landing on 21 you can request backtrack and exit via Link Twy if granted.

International arrivals

UK is not part of Schengen so you will be required to taxi to the main apron and park outside the terminal.

Go and show your passport, use the bathroom and/or buy water/food in the shop, then return to the aircraft. You will usually be asked to taxi to Hotel 1, then cross runway and either taxi down runway 11 or via Juliet 1 and taxiway Juliet to Juliet 2 then Lima 2.

UK arrivals

Landing on 21 you will go to the end and turn left on runway 11 or Juliet via Juliet 1. Taxi via Juliet to Juliet 2, then Lima 2. Landing on 03 turn right at Link Twy or Alpha 1.  Go via Alpha to Alpha 4, then direct to Lima 2.

In any case tower will give you taxi instructions depending on the traffic.

Cross winds and runway 11/29

If you are in a smaller aircraft with a short landing distance then they will offer you to land on runway 11 or 29 or you can request it. It is however only 788 meters. If you are a local flight then from 29 you exit at L1 and we are right there. From runway 11 you will either have to backtrack or via J1 and Juliet to get to us. Another thing to consider is that 11/29 is not straight. It goes downwards from 29 to 11.


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